Google Virtual Tours Move to Free Arts & Culture App

At the height of interest in VR technology, Google launched the Expeditions app in 2015. The program provided an opportunity to conduct virtual trips to remote places on our planet, visit world cultural heritage sites, travel back to the distant past, and even create your own tours using a Google Cardboard VR headset and a smartphone.

However, recently in the blog of the developers of the Internet giant, a message appeared that on June 30, 2021 Expeditions will cease to exist, and most of its content will "move" to the Arts & Culture service.

It took several years for the company to make adjustments to its VR direction, ending support for the Daydream VR platform, after which Cardboard became publicly available thanks to open source.

However, until June 30, users will be able to fully use Expeditions. According to Google, transferring the gained experience to free Arts & Culture will make it even more accessible to an unlimited number of users.