Air France plans to use facial recognition system instead of boarding passes

Our privacy is shrinking every day, not least thanks to the efforts of Google and Facebook to collect data on the Internet. The last remnants of it may be finally buried due to the rapid development of technologies for observation, biometrics and face recognition.

Not everyone likes this progress. E-commerce giant Amazon has recently come under fire for allowing police to use its "Rekognition" facial recognition services. What can we say about China, where such methods are used on a national scale.

However, apparently, the point of no return has already passed and now this technology is moving even further - to US airports, where the leading French air carrier Air France begins testing facial recognition systems instead of traditional boarding passes. The first "polygons" will be the airport. John F. Kennedy in New York and the International Airport. George W. Bush in Houston.

As before, the attitude to the next such innovation is twofold: on the one hand, some passengers may have problems with confidentiality. On the other side is Air France, which believes it is a definite step forward, an opportunity to make air travel "less stressful and safer."

If testing is completed successfully, the new system will be implemented at all US airports by the end of 2020.