In the United States passed a draft law on the composting of deceased people

The Washington state authorities were the first in the United States to pass a bill that legalizes the procedure for burying people by turning them into compost mass. The pressure on the governor of the state is so great that he will surely sign this document, after which it will enter into force. And the company "Recompose" has already developed the technology and prepared the corresponding commercial service.

Proponents of the new method put forward the following arguments. What is a traditional grave? It is a piece of precious land, taken out of service for decades, inside which lies a corpse pumped up with chemicals in a very expensive box of precious woods. With zero benefit, high disposal costs and severe environmental damage. During cremation, which in the United States is no longer cheaper than traditional burial, the land is not used, but a fair amount of emissions gets into the atmosphere - the products of combustion of the remains and fuel.

And the processing of bodies into compost, in addition to economic benefits, also solves the problem of the spread of diseases. When Lynn Carpenter-Boggs, Consulting Scientist at Recompose, designed a compost chamber for humans, she took animal carcass disposal as a basis. At one time, this technique helped to stop the spread of bird flu on the state farms - why not solve several problems in one fell swoop?

The cost of the service is about $ 5, 5 thousand - a little more expensive than cremation, but much cheaper than traditional burial. The body is placed in a chamber with a mixture of alfalfa, straw and sawdust, and the temperature is raised to 65 degrees Celsius for 30 days. Neither germs nor pharmaceuticals in the body survive with this treatment. Pacemakers are removed before the procedure, implants and prostheses after, and the output is a cubic meter of universal fertilizer.