Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Camp forum to be held in Moscow

The open discussion platform Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Camp is dedicated to current problems and new technologies in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence. RAICamp will take place in the Vatutinki OK, near Moscow, from November 13 to 17 in the format of an off-site event, consisting of reports, round tables, master classes, foresights and communication with interesting people.

The purpose of the event is to exchange experience and create strong ties between the participants. Participants, together with invited experts, will try to figure out how and what competencies need to be developed, what resources are needed to launch projects and what opportunities are there for integration into

existing projects, and most importantly, who needs developments in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence today, who and how satisfies this demand. Based on the results of the foresight, the participants will form a forecast for the development of robotics.

Developers and industry experts, representatives of specialized companies and projects of the scientific community, development institutions and venture capital will become speakers and participants in panel discussions RAICamp. The event will be attended by Neurorobotics, RBOT, Technovision, TechInvestLab, Wicron, ITseez, CROC and others.

Students, graduate students, programmers, developers, engineers, young scientists and entrepreneurs are invited to participate, as well as everyone who is not indifferent to this topic. Participation, accommodation and meals are free. Limited number of seats. Competitive selection is provided for by applications.

The event is held with the organizational and financial support of the Moscow Youth Multifunctional Center and the Department of Culture of the city of Moscow. To date, the partners are RBOT, Neurorobotics, Volnoe Delo, Business Incubator of Moscow State University.