New mobile app will warn of earthquakes based on GPS data

Experts from the US Geological Survey have developed a special smartphone application that can predict earthquakes, provided that the mobile phones of thousands of users are used.

As it turned out, smartphones may well partially play the role of seismic sensors. Of course, the accuracy of smartphone sensors is significantly inferior to special seismic equipment, but GPS receivers are quite capable of recording surface displacement, which is characteristic of strong earthquakes.

In this case, the user community of the application acts as a warning system that warns of the danger of other users. So, for example, if 5, 000 people in one area have smartphones recorded an earthquake and this information was received by the analytical center, then after operational processing it can be immediately transferred to another area and warn of an impending natural disaster.

It is quite natural that this system has its drawbacks associated with the limited capabilities of smartphone sensors. In particular, it will not be able to record weak tremors and is triggered by an earthquake of 7 points or more.

However, in countries with high seismic activity, which cannot afford the creation of a modern earthquake warning system, the development of American scientists will certainly be in demand.