Technology from Epic Games completely copies the movements and facial expressions of a person in a digital avatar

Epic Games unveiled its latest development in computer animation and motion capture at the annual GDC 2018 conference. Its essence is to create a digital character model with facial expressions of a real living person.

The model, tentatively referred to as the Siren, was created in collaboration with well-known computer animation companies Vicon, Cubic Motion, 3Lateral and Tencent based on the Unreal Engine. The trick is that the Sirena comes to life, thanks to the live mocap technology, based on software from Vicon. With its help, the movements of a living person are completely "transplanted" onto a digital character. Chinese actress Binji Jiang was invited to demonstrate as a "living original".

Back in 2016, Epic Games borrowed real-time motion capture technology, which was first used in the action-adventure computer game Hellblade, which clearly demonstrated the enormous potential of the technology.

Now the company intends to achieve even greater perfection in it. As representatives of Epic Games assure, this is just the beginning. In the future, they hope to build on their success by directing their development to the advertising and film industries.