10 most incredible places to visit with Google Street View

In an era of mass self-isolation, Google Street View has compiled a catalog of curious historical sites available for virtual visit.

Diagonal Alley

It was here in 2001 that viewers first opened the door to the magic-filled world of Harry Potter. The viewer will pass by recognizable shops, including Ollivander's, Flourish & Blotts bookstore, Gringotts goblin bank and Weasley's Wizard Wheezes.


In just a few years of operation, the Large Hadron Collider CERN has provided us with an incredible amount of data on how the universe works. The Google Street View team traveled to Switzerland and explored the collider's metal corridors and made them accessible to everyone.

Google Data Center

The IT giant is giving users the opportunity to visit one of its data centers in Lenoir, North Carolina. You will see office space and giant Google server rooms. If you look closely, you can even see an Easter egg: an Imperial stormtrooper specially hired by Google, ceremoniously strolling through the territory.

Kennedy Space Center

Google and NASA have teamed up to create a tour of the Kennedy Space Center in Titusville, Florida. You will be able to see the launch control room, retired space shuttles Atlantis and Endeavor, and a collection of artifacts and memorabilia associated with NASA's long history.

Tardis (Doctor Who Time Machine)

Traveling along London's Earl's Court Road, an inconspicuous police box may come into your field of vision. Click on the double arrows and Google will take you aboard the time machine. For this to work, paste this link into your incognito browser window.

Everest Base Camp

Google did not conquer the highest point in the world, but made it to base camp, located more than halfway to the top. The rocky and inhospitable camp is covered in prayer flags left by previous climbers, and overhanging clouds obscure the majestic peak of Everest far above.

Winchester Mansion

The famous and creepy tourist attraction offers a free virtual tour until April 7, 2020.


One of the most awesome and convenient features in the Colossus Museum Virtual Tour: you can choose which exhibits you want to visit.

Sistine Chapel

The virtual tour offers a glimpse of the incredible decoration of the chapel and gives you the opportunity to zoom in to see all the details of Michelangelo's famous compositions.

International Space Station (ISS)

This virtual tour will take you aboard the ISS and allow you to see the interior of the station in detail. Free bonus: stunning views of the Earth from the windows.