Amazon's flying camera will allow you to patrol your home from anywhere in the world

Everyone knows the feeling that when we left home we left the iron on or forgot to turn off the water. Amazon has introduced a time-honored solution to this problem - the Ring Always Home Cam, a flying camera that will give you a quick glimpse of what's going on at home at that very moment.

A flying patrol camera needs FCC approval before it goes on sale - nevertheless, Amazon has already announced that sales are scheduled to start early next year at a price of $ 250. At the same time, the company intends to launch a camera and car alarm system under the Ring brand.

In addition to the camera, Amazon introduced the spherical body Echo Dot voice assistant. Its children's version will be made with panda or tiger faces. Round Echo devices will start at $ 50. Their sales will begin next month.

Amazon also announced that it will begin expanding into the video game streaming business and thus compete with Google and Microsoft. The service has already been named Amazon Luna. In test mode, a limited number of users will be able to use it for $ 6 a month, but it is not yet known when it will become public. Luna will run on PCs, Fire TV devices, and through the iPhone app.