Disney + banned children from watching old "racist" cartoons

Disney added special warnings to Disney + last fall to flag some racist content it has created over the years. The company has now decided to take it one step further to give children the right context to view these pieces. Independent testing has shown that now users who have logged into Disney + from children's profiles cannot find classic cartoons such as Peter Pan, Aristocratic Cats, Lady and the Tramp, Dumbo and The Jungle Book.

Disney has already limited kids' ability to view content, narrowing the available boxes to TV-7FV and G. Interestingly, kids can still watch sequels to Peter Pan, The Jungle Book and Lady and the Tramp that don't fall into the "problem" category. ... Adults, of course, can view any work with any rating. The idea of ​​the company is clearly that adults can better explain to the child the context of some phrases and stereotypes that are found in old cartoons and movies.

True, the screening of such films is still preceded by a 12-second non-deactivating warning, which reads: “This work includes negative portrayal and / or inappropriate treatment of other people or cultures. These stereotypes were wrong in the past and wrong today. Instead of removing this content, we acknowledge its harmful effects, recognize the mistakes of the past, and encourage open dialogue that will enable us to create a better future for everyone. ”

Interestingly, Disney is taking other measures that go beyond digital content. For example, she made changes to the classic rides Splash Mountain and Jungle Cruise to remove racist elements from them.