3Doodler app turns tablet screen into a canvas for 3D paintings

Almost 6 years after hitting Kickstarter, WobbleWorks has unveiled its latest development, the 3Doodlers iOS / Android app. It allows using a special pen to create volumetric details directly on the screens of smartphones and tablets, simply by tracing the stencil sketches on them.

Step-by-step instructions have been released for novice users. A total of 10 training projects are proposed, to which a new one will be added every week. The idea is that the application will offer children and adults sketches of three-dimensional objects, the details for which can be created directly on the smartphone screen within a few minutes.

Using stencils in combination with step-by-step instructions and tutorials, users can master the basics of 3D drawing and further improve their skills on specific interactive projects. The 3Doodler app is already available for download.