MetaHuman Creator allows you to create photorealistic characters right in the browser window

Epic Games has developed the Unreal Engine-based MetaHuman Creator program that allows you to create photorealistic 3D models of people right in the browser window. The key advantage in this case is the speed of their creation - models can be generated much faster than traditional methods used in the entertainment industry. Surprisingly, this browser plugin is one of the best tools for 3D modeling today.

MetaHuman Creator uses cloud technology Unreal Engine Pixel Streaming. It helps create digital assets for the widest range of needs in the gaming and entertainment industry. For example, it can help game designers create highly complex and dissimilar character models that would otherwise require weeks or even months of painstaking work.

MetaHuman Creator allows you to take a ready-made model and customize it by adjusting many parameters, choosing clothes, skin texture and other characteristic features. Thanks to the new program, even relatively low-budget studios will be able to create and use incredibly realistic game models in a very short time. In addition, developers can easily port the results of their work within the Unreal Engine ecosystem and have access to an extensive library of ready-made 3D models and textures. MetaHuman Creator will officially launch in Early Access in the coming months.