Unsuccessful firmware update turns Nike auto-lacing sneakers into bricks

As it turned out, shoes with automatic lacing had their first problems. For example, the $ 350 Nike "Adapt BB" sneaker that came with an Android and iOS application that controls tension was "broken" due to the failure of the application itself.

Android users have reported that the lacing mechanism does not sync properly with the app, and some customers have reported unsuccessful software updates that prevent them from linking the shoe to the app at all. The program page on Google Play is full of outraged user reviews. One of them in their hearts called "smart" shoes that refuse to obey commands "brick".

The absurdity of the situation is aggravated by the fact that it is impossible to lace up such shoes manually without a smartphone. Nike says they are doing everything they can to fix the issue.

However, the question immediately arises: Why, in fact, do we need automation when performing lacing - an operation that children master even at preschool age? Although, at one time, for those who did not want to "strain" with laces came up with Velcro.