SmartFin will collect sea state information through surfboards

For the research of the world's oceans, scientific ships and deep-sea vehicles are mainly used. It looks like smart surfboards - SmartFin - will soon come to their aid. With their help, scientists will collect information about the processes taking place in the coastal zone.

All existing devices for monitoring the seas are designed for great depths. The coastal zone remains uncovered - there is shallow and too high turbulence for the use of buoys and drones.

The creators of SmartFin are former neurologist Andrew Stern, who heads the now-nonprofit Lost Bird, and Benjamin Thompson, founder of BoardFormula. They have developed a device that can be attached to the stabilizing fin of any surfboard.

The sensors of the device allow you to measure the level of salinity, acidity and water temperature. It also has a GPS unit, an axis tracker for measuring wave characteristics and a Bluetooth module. The device "wakes up" as soon as movement begins. It is powered by a built-in battery that recharges after being detached from the fin using the wireless Qi pad.

After the end of the ride on the waves, the received data from the device is transferred to a smartphone with a special application and from there to a cloud database, which ocean scientists can use.