Incognito mode has appeared in Google Maps - but it works in favor of Google itself

After a limited launch in September, after making sure of the success of the new option, Google opened an incognito mode for all users when working with their maps. This is confirmed by the official representatives of the company, but they specify that the process will be extended over time. The appearance of a new option in the menu list is expected in the coming days.

Contrary to hopes, the miracle did not happen - the addition of incognito mode does not mean that Google has stopped tracking users. Information about their movements will continue to be collected, it is just that third parties are less likely to gain access to it. The service regularly collects data for its own needs, but when the incognito mode is activated, it disables their linking to a Google account.

For example, in incognito mode, the map service does not save the history of your views and searches, does not update the history of your marked and shared locations. Also, the service turns off notifications and personalization of maps - this will not allow you to compile a list of your favorite objects in the city. The data is still stored, but only Google itself can use it.