Tap Strap turns any item into a keyboard

Reducing the size of computers leads to the need to change the keyboard, since its traditional design is simply not compatible with them. One of the innovative input devices of the future is the Tap Strap, a flexible plastic strap with slip-on slots.

Using such a keyboard is very simple: just touch your thumb to any surface and the gadget is turned on. After that, you can start typing text with your fingers on any surface. The microcontroller unit will transmit the entered data to a smartphone, tablet or computer via Bluetooth. Literally anything can be a surface for an unusual keyboard - a second hand, a tabletop, and even a head.

Of course, it will take some time to master the new keyboard. For this, a special Top Genius training program has been developed, which forms the necessary skills literally within an hour.

The gadget is powered by a battery for up to three days in a "sparing" mode and 4 hours in continuous operation. The battery can be charged via the MicroUSB port.

Tap Strap is unlikely to revolutionize data entry. However, the gadget clearly shows us the capabilities of alternative text input devices that are in a hurry to replace the standard QWERTY keyboards. Plus, Tap Strap can be a great interaction option in VR systems.