The Cicret bracelet turns your hand into a display

The outgoing year was remembered for a real boom in the field of creating new wearable devices. It remains only to admire the imagination and new non-standard ideas of their creators, who offer us completely unique products of their creativity.

The bracelet of the French company Cicret with the same name was no exception. Its peculiarity lies in the ability to project the image from the smartphone screen onto the forearm of its owner using a mini-projector built into the gadget.

You can control the operation of the device thanks to several sensitive proximity sensors that respond to certain finger movements, after which the information received is transformed into control commands.

Cicret allows the user to view e-mail, check the weather, answer calls, use maps of the area and even play. In the future, the developers plan to replenish the capabilities of the bracelet with an accelerometer, processor, micro-USB connector, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a solid supply of internal memory from 16 to 32 GB.

An investor is needed to launch the original gadget into the series. Thanks to the crowdfunding company, it has already managed to find 14% of the required amount. The estimated cost of the new item is about $ 475.