VoIP for Business: Choose Between an IP Phone or a SIP Application

Selection guide: how to use virtual communication, types of VoIP devices and SIP applications, advantages of IP phones and softphones.

How to use VoIP

Freezvon virtual numbers used by businesses do not need a cable or a SIM card. Instead, the connection takes place over the Internet. To make or receive a call, users can use either hardphones (VoIP equipment) or softphones (SIP applications).

VoIP Calling Devices:


VoIP devices differ in the way they connect:

  1. IP Phones (Wired Internet or Wi-Fi);
  2. An analog device connected via a VoIP gateway.

The first type of devices has more advanced functionality, depending on the model: voice mail, conference calls, forwarding, call waiting, etc. This is an easier and more convenient way to connect IP telephony than an analog device using a gateway, so it is widespread.

Popular brands that produce IP phones are Cisco, Grandstream, Yealink.

Call programs

Applications for calls via SIP protocols are also called softphones or softphones. Softphones are installed on a device that connects to the Internet: a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Most applications have versions for both iOS / Mac and Android / Windows. The most popular of them are Zoiper, Bria (new name X-lite), PortSIP and Linphone.

Comparison of advantages

1) Easy to connect.

The advantage of IP phones over stationary devices. To connect, you only need the VoIP device itself and a cable for connecting to the Internet or Wi-Fi. This means: no need to run a cable; easy to reconnect when changing address.

The advantage of a SIP application over IP phones: to connect the latter, you need to purchase a VoIP device, while SIP applications do not require additional equipment. It means:

  • connection is much cheaper;
  • connection is faster (downloading and installing Zoiper or another program is faster than ordering and receiving IP-phone delivery).

2) Save space.

Both IP phones and SIP applications use virtual numbers, which does not require the company to have its own PBX. To connect the number to a device or application, SIP and virtual PBX are used.

Disadvantage of IP Phones: Requires additional desktop space. SIP applications do not require additional space.

3) Ability to use one number for an unlimited number of agents.

For companies, having one or even more multichannel phone numbers is preferable to having a separate phone number for each employee. This is especially true for hotlines, customer service and sales.

SIP telephony makes it possible to forward incoming calls that come to a common line to the desired employee or department.

4) Scalability and adding users.

Connecting each new work phone using traditional telephony requires additional cable pulling or the purchase of SIM cards.

A VoIP provider like Freezvon allows you to add a user by creating an additional SIP account.

Advantages of SIP applications: no need to buy additional equipment (IP phone) for an employee.

5) Telephony settings.

For VoIP telephony, unlike traditional telephony, you need to configure an IP phone or SIP application before starting work.

The advantage of SIP applications: it is easier to register a SIP account in the application than in a VoIP device. Only 3 settings are required: login, password and domain.

6) Mobility.

As mentioned above, when relocating an office, IP phones outperform regular landline phones. But SIP applications have an additional advantage over them: you can work remotely.

7) Automation.

Special softphones for call centers can be programmed for the queue of outgoing calls. The agent does not have to manually dial the phone number, the program will choose who to call.

IP phones are a kind of compromise between traditional telephone systems and SIP communications. They have a familiar design and the mechanics of receiving and making calls.


  • easy to connect;
  • save space;
  • allow you to work remotely;
  • easy to add new users;
  • lower connection costs (when using paid versions of SIP applications) compared to IP phones.

Both options can be used for business, but SIP applications are much more convenient and cost effective.

Freezvon.ru will allow you to reduce communication costs even more, with the help of an annual subscription and packages of minutes for outgoing calls.