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TemplateMonster is the largest provider of commercial and personal website templates on the Internet. Here everyone will find templates for online stores, blogs, photo galleries, one-page sites, mailing lists and much more.

There are a lot of advantages of working with TemplateMonster:

  • Affordable product prices. All templates are presented at competitive prices, on average $ 70-100. For that kind of money, it is impossible to develop a personal website design, and at TemplateMonster you get a full-fledged product with a well-thought-out structure and free graphic content.
  • High quality templates. Despite the affordable price, the quality of the templates remains high. The program code has been tested and optimized. The design of the sites is relevant to the topics, and is also thought out from the point of view of usability (convenience for users).
  • Loyalty program. For website developers and regular customers, there are special conditions that allow them to increase their income.
  • Ability to test templates with MotoCMS. This is an unprecedented advantage that allows you to get a stylish and modern website for free for 14 days. During this time, you can understand if this template is right for you, and also make sure it is easy to maintain. All changes (adding a menu, changing prices in the price list, adding text) remain saved after payment.
  • Opportunity to develop your business online. Every entrepreneur has an equal opportunity on the Internet. And as long as you are content with only offline sales, your competitors are using 100% online business marketing tools and increase their profits!
  • Huge assortment of templates for different types of business. It is convenient to search through a thematic rubricator.

WordPress is a universal platform for different purposes

WP templates can be used to create a blog, corporate website, and even an online store. They are suitable for different types of business, and special plugins help expand their functionality.

Creative WordPress

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A WordPress template for an artist or illustrator will allow you to attract as many clients and customers as possible. There is a possibility of blogging for website promotion by keywords. High quality stock photos included.

WordPress for Delicious Business

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WordPress templates are perfect for cafes, bars and restaurants. Thoughtful appetizing design, adaptability (beautiful display on all devices), affordable price - all these are the advantages of the WP platform.

WordPress for kids and families

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Websites can be commercial or non-commercial. The WordPress platform is ideal for projects led by enthusiasts. For example, a top blog about kids and family can become a profitable ad revenue project over time.

WordPress for any business

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A corporate website is the business card and face of any company. However, it can be difficult for novice businessmen to allocate a significant amount to create a personal website. A better solution is to purchase a stylish template.

With the Woo-commerce plugin, you can turn your WordPress site into a small online store. However, for large projects, it is recommended to choose specialized solutions for online stores.

Your own online store

Solutions for online stores are collected in a separate section of TemplateMonster.

TemplateMonster's marketing team strongly believes that any business should have an online presence. It doesn't matter what you sell, your customers need to be able to find you online and shop online. This will help templates on different CMS, depending on your requirements and the scale of online commerce.

Kids Clothing Store Template

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Magento templates have a stylish look and well-thought-out functionality. Buyers are more likely to shop on beautiful sites.

Template for a fishing and hunting goods store

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OpenCart is one of the most common platforms for creating an online store in various business areas. The main feature is the possibility of project development, increasing the number of products, categories and headings. Stores based on OpenCart are intuitive for users, it is convenient and pleasant to shop, compare and choose products on them.

Antique Shop Template

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If your site is created on Joomla, then you can make an online store out of it using VirtueMart - this is an ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

Template for a jewelry store

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Shopify templates are easy to administer. All processes are automated, so it will be very easy for the owner of such an online store to maintain it.

Template for a tableware store

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ZenCart are templates for big business that allow you to make full use of the automation of product management, group them according to different criteria.

Template for a furniture store

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WooComerse allows you to expand the capabilities of an ordinary WordPress template and turn it into a full-fledged online store. You can integrate this feature yourself or order a service on TemplateMonster website.

Template for a flower shop

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PrestaShop templates are distinguished by their easy installation and user-friendly admin panel interface. Even if you don't have any experience with an online store, you can quickly figure out how to add products, photos and descriptions to create a beautiful showcase.

Wedding Store Template

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Oscommerce is a platform for quickly launching online commerce.

Template for a jewelry store

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Another opportunity to make your WordPress site profitable is to use the Jigoshop plugin to integrate your online store.

Moto CMS - Unlimited Templates

How many people stop on the path of creating their site, because they think that this is the lot of the elite. The TemplateMonster team will help dispel the myth that creating websites is difficult and expensive. And MotoCMS is a vivid confirmation of this. You may not know the code and programming languages, but the sites that you will create will become bright and memorable projects. Don't believe me? Take advantage of a free trial period of 14 days!

Design Bureau - Template for Business

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Business & Services Template

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Template for hotels, hospitality

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TemplateMonster Affiliate Program for Webmasters and Studios

You can make good money with the TemplateMonster affiliate program. It's simple - you can recommend templates to friends, acquaintances or clients depending on their goals and get rewarded for this. This is a great opportunity for freelancers and writers who blog about web design. You can also attract customers through an online template store, which anyone can open.

Thus, TemplateMonster can be safely called a real monster in the field of website development for any type of business. Thousands of people are already using TemplateMonster to increase their income: they monetize blogs, create commercial projects, implement start-ups, make money on the affiliate system. Now you can be one of them!