Amazon patented the ear identification system

Biometric identification is gradually replacing the usual passwords. You will no longer surprise anyone with a smartphone with a fingerprint scanner, thanks to which you can forget about entering passwords. But the Internet company Amazon decided to go even further and is now working on the creation of a technology for identifying a user by ... his ears.

Amazon has received a patent for user identification by auricle. The shape of each person's ears, according to physiognomy experts, and Amazon engineers agree with them, is unique. It is for this reason that the company suggests using them to authenticate the user and unlock the smartphone.

As planned by Amazon engineers, the smartphone will be unlocked automatically. To do this, just bring it to your ear, for example, during a phone call. The new technology will use the front-facing camera and accelerometer that all modern smartphones are equipped with. However, when the new method of authentication by the shape of the auricle will become available to ordinary users, it is not specified.