Apple patented iRing - "smart" ring with a touchscreen

It seems that among the promising new Apple products, the iRing smart ring will soon appear. The corresponding patent was filed by the company last week. With the new fingertip gadget, you can take photos, play back text and tell the time.

The smart ring will be equipped with a small touch screen, as well as a set of applications operated by the thumb. The built-in microphone allows you to dictate text messages while the camera takes pictures. The ring can also be equipped with biometric sensors that record heart rate, temperature and other indicators.

Artist's concept

With iRing, users will be able to track new emails and receive notifications from apps. Having established a connection with the owner's smartphone, the gadget will be able to display the desired area on the screen using its GPS.

Artist's concept

Interconnected entrepreneur and internet consultant Matt Web described the potential novelty as follows:

“The ring can also carry additional functions, for example, it can store all our passwords. This makes iRing a “ring of the XXI century”.