The magnetic curtain for webcams has proven to be a highly sought after accessory

Intelligent Security has brought an unusual cybersecurity development to Kickstarter. This is the world's thinnest ergonomic webcam plug. It works equally well with smartphones, tablets and desktops. Its only function is to protect users from illegal surveillance through webcams.

The problem itself may seem far-fetched, but it is by no means the case. Over the past year, FBI Director James Comey, Pope Francis, and Mark Zuckerberg have admitted to tape over the webcams of their network gadgets. And this is no coincidence.

Various exploits allow attackers to gain access to the camera image, even when it looks inactive. Such a spy camera can then be used to analyze the behavior of the owner of the device, record his personal data or blackmail. Moreover, in such behavior over the past few years, not only members of hacker groups have been noticed, but also, for example, the US national security services.

The Intelligent Security plug is designed to solve such problems. It consists of a steel base with an adhesive surface and a magnetic slider.

Features of the magnetic shutter:

  • fits all types of devices and does not interfere with their operation (for example, laptops with a cap are closed as tightly as without it);
  • easy to switch with one swipe of your finger;
  • does not in any way damage or scratch the gadget it is used with.

The Intelligent Security plug was a Kickstarter hit, surpassing its stated goal of CHF 7, 500 by 25 times. Its deliveries will begin in May this year, and the price will be 10 francs (approximately 570 rubles).