Russian archaeologists and French scientists to create a 3D model of an ancient cave

The Institute of Archeology and Ethnography of Novosibirsk begins the introduction of French technology for 3D-visualization of ancient artifacts and archaeological monuments. This unique Russian-French project combines deep antiquity and modern technologies.

The list of applicants for the compilation of a 3D model includes the famous Denisova Cave, Altai rock paintings and several other objects. Cooperation between Russian and French scientists has been going on for several years, as a result of which a joint specialized laboratory for the study of primitive art was opened at NSU last week.

French 3D technology makes it possible to accurately reproduce objects of great archaeological and artistic value. The re-created 3D image of the artifact can then be reproduced even where it is not accessible.

French technology has led to new discoveries. Finding all the rock carvings requires specific lighting and very painstaking work, which is not always possible, for example, in caves. The involvement of high technologies made it possible to discover previously unknown images. In addition, having a 3D model of objects available, scientists from other countries will be able to join the solution of archaeological issues.