Nvidia launches its own cloud gaming service GeForce Now

Cloud gaming systems are now called the symbol of the new decade, and more and more companies are striving to take a place in the still developing and weakly competitive market. Now their shelf has arrived - Nvidia has officially launched its own service called GeForce Now.

The idea is the same, but with new elements. After logging into the account, the player launches the desired resource-intensive game at the remote facilities of the company, in the cloud, for his part, he only needs a simple gadget to control the gameplay and a screen for displaying a picture. GeForce Now takes over not only the basic computation, but all of the image rendering that requires a powerful graphics card, plus it applies its own compression algorithms to transfer these data arrays at the fastest speed.

As a result, it doesn't matter what device and on what platform the client uses, including the weakest tablets. Moreover, you can start the game on one gadget, and continue it on another, while saving the game progress. You can play both solo projects and network games, the service guarantees the preservation of all achievements, bonuses, saves, etc. In addition, GeForce Now takes over the installation of patches and updates - the system is always open for users and ready to work.

At the start, there are two types of accounts. For free gaming sessions are limited to 1 hour, for paid ones 6 hours, while the number of sessions is infinite. Paid accounts get the opportunity to upload their games to the cloud and play them on more powerful builds. For example, using the RTX ray tracing technology, which so far is implemented only on top-end expensive video cards. And for those who do not particularly need such innovations in the computer industry, there is an impressive library of free games for users of the service.