The USA developed a keyboard that can be printed on any piece of paper

Researchers from the US Purdue University have developed a new technology that can turn any sheet of paper or cardboard into a waterproof keyboard that does not require a power source.

When developing the keyboard, a special water-repellent and anti-dust coating was used, which allows applying conductive circuits in several layers over paper or cardboard. On the other side of the sheet, you can use standard ink printing to mark the location of the push points. Layers can be printed in anything from the numeric keypad to volume controls.

An important feature of the paper keyboard is that it does not require power supplies. It works on the principle of a triboelectric nanogenerator that generates voltage from the touch of the operator and the mechanical energy he produces.

At the moment of pressing the "key" signals can be transmitted wirelessly to another device, for example, to a laptop. This keyboard is very easy to carry, it is extremely compact and easy to maintain. In addition, it is easily scalable, does not get wet and, if necessary, it can be disposed of without damaging the environment. The price of a paper keyboard, according to scientists, will not exceed $ 0.25.