Spanish children develop severe werewolf syndrome due to pharmacists' error

In Spain, they filed a lawsuit against the pharmaceutical company Farma-Química Sur, due to which 17 babies developed "werewolf syndrome", aka hypertrichosis. It leads to an increased rate of hair growth, and they themselves become hard and thick. The parents were shocked when they saw how the gentle "fluff" on their babies turns into a kind of animal hair.

The main reason for the development of hypertrichosis is genetic mutations that are inherited. Because of them, members of some families look like fabulous werewolves - in the Middle Ages, this led to serious persecution. Today, doctors quickly found out that the genes of the affected children were fine. In addition, they were surprised by the geography of the problem - cases were recorded in Cantabria, Valencia, Andalusia and Granada.

The police found that the only common factor was the children's use of an acid reflux drug called omeprazole. But it has nothing to do with hypertrichosis, so investigators began to study the conditions for the production of the drug. There, too, everything was in order, but it turned out that the finished drug is sold in bulk, and third-party companies are engaged in packaging and delivering to pharmacies. In the warehouse of one of them, a nuisance was discovered - for an undiagnosed reason, omeprazole was poured into a container of minoxidil. A very powerful remedy for male pattern baldness.

If the containers were sterilized as required by the regulations, there would be no problem. Fortunately, a short intake of a hair growth stimulant did not harm the babies, their bodies will soon return to normal. This cannot be said about the situation with Farma-Química Sur, against which several criminal cases were initiated at the request of angry parents. Confusing baby medicines is not a joke, but a serious crime.