US Air Force specialists develop new hypersonic sled for Santa

The US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) on the eve of the upcoming Catholic Christmas has published a render of a new, modern sleigh Santa Claus, in which he could make his traditional Christmas ride.

The new sleigh called "Hypersleigh" ("Hypersani") in reality is not able to provide sufficient "speed" for Santa's trip (assuming that he will have to make almost 92 million stops in one night around the world to give gifts to children), but will give his mission is more modern and technological charm.

Hypersleighs are clearly designed for hypersonic travel in appearance. They are triangular-shaped aircraft with upward-curved wingtips and two tandem cockpits. Apparently, the second cabin (the one closer to the tail section) is a "gift" compartment.

The lower surface of the Hypersleigh is flat, painted black, which may indicate the presence of heat-resistant plates that protect the cockpit from overheating in flight, that is, almost like the famous Shuttles and the latest military space drone X-37B. only with retractable landing skis.

According to the calculations of astrophysicist Linda Harden, published on the Internet, in order to visit all 92 million children waiting for Santa with gifts in one night, he will have to fly in his Hypersleighs at a speed of 1046 km / s, which is 3000 times faster than the speed of sound.

For comparison, the fastest Ulysses probe moves at a speed of 44 km / s, and a regular reindeer (from Santa's team) - 24 km / h. But that's what Christmas is for, for miracles to happen!