Tikker watches will tell you how much time is left until the death of the owner

As one well-known omen says - how many times the cuckoo bites, so many years are left to live. But now it is not at all necessary to go into the forest and look for a cuckoo, because the clock can now "tell" how long the user has to live. The unusual watch project has already been launched on the Kickstarter online crowdfunding platform.

The watch was named Tikker and outwardly looks like an ordinary wristwatch. The only difference is that their display shows the time remaining until the death of the owner. There are three lines on the Tikker watch screen: the first shows how many years, months and days are left before the possible death of the user, the second displays this time in hours, minutes and seconds, and the third shows the current time.

It should be noted that the time of death of the user is approximate and rather arbitrary. It is calculated based on the answers in the questionnaire that the user must fill out.

The project is currently at the stage of fundraising on the Kickstarter platform. To start mass production, the developers needed 25 thousand US dollars, but in a week and a half they managed to collect more than 48 thousand dollars. You can support the project and order a Tikker watch for $ 39 here.