Body Dryer will dry your body in seconds

An interesting project has been launched on the Indiegogo online platform for collective financing - the unique Body Dryer. With it, the user can forget about the towels forever.

The Body Dryer is a body dryer designed as a floor scale. She, according to the author of the project, is able to completely dry the human body in just 30 seconds.

The device works like a conventional electric hand dryer. The body is blown by powerful jets of warm ionized air. The power of the gadget and its technical parameters have not been specified.

According to developer Tyler Overk, he worked on the project of a unique body dryer for about two years. Moreover, its main goal was to create a safe and hygienic alternative to ordinary towels, which are an accumulation of microbes and bacteria that cause dermatological diseases.

The project is currently at the fundraising stage. The amount required to start mass production is $ 50, 000. In just a week, we have already managed to collect twice as much. You can support the developer and order the Body Dryer right now on the project's official Indiegogo page.