Structural Brain Damage Found in Cuban Sound Attack Victims

In the second half of 2016, employees of the newly opened US Embassy in Cuba began to massively complain about what they later called "acoustic attacks." Many embassy officials claimed to be hearing loud and frightening sounds from nowhere. The phenomenon was so intrusive that it caused people to experience insomnia, loss of attention, hearing problems, dizziness, and severe pain.

To study the effects of the mysterious signals, American doctors conducted a study of the state of the brain of the victims in three different ways. And they quickly discovered a number of abnormalities - from a decrease in the volume of white matter to the destruction of connections in the auditory and visual regions of the brain. It turns out that the attack with the use of acoustic weapons really took place, and the diplomats were seriously injured in it?

Leading Cuban scholar Mitchell Valdez-Sosa immediately rebutted this version. According to him, structural changes take place - but in small quantities, they are tiny and chaotically scattered, which does not allow them to be reduced to a single explanation.

As for the conclusions of the Americans, it’s just right to ask the question: with what did you compare the data of measurements of the structure of the brain of diplomats, what did you come to this conclusion? After all, before the incident on these people, no one made a cartogram of the brain, we do not know in what state their brains were initially. Therefore, it cannot be reliably said that these people were not sick at the time of the attack, although this does not detract from the fact that after the attacks they became completely ill.