Beach safe will make your stay more comfortable and safer

Being on the beach at the height of summer, people willy-nilly relax, as a result of which control over personal belongings is reduced, which can be immediately taken advantage of by intruders. This is especially true at the time of swimming, when personal belongings are left unattended.

Markal and Krystal DaKunha have developed the Beach Vault, which can rightfully be called a beach safe. It is a cylindrical container 15 x 30 cm in size, where all things are placed, the loss of which is highly undesirable. The container is screwed into the sand and tightly closed with a screw-on airtight lid.

After the beach safe is installed and valuables are safely hidden, it can be covered with a mat. However, you still have to observe one important condition: be careful at the time of installation and once again do not attract the attention of others when using the container. The gadget can be purchased for $ 39.