Siberian scientists have developed a new technology for restoring parts

The Novosibirsk Institute of Hydrodynamics has been dealing with the problems of protecting machine parts and mechanisms for many years. Work here is carried out in two main areas - the creation of wear-resistant coatings and the restoration of worn-out parts during operation.

The scientists of the institute have developed a unique technology for restoring parts by detonation spraying. For this, the CCDS2000 impulse gas detonation apparatus was developed. Its effectiveness can be judged by the restoration of a worn out crankshaft journal of a car.

Usually wear is less than 300 microns. With the help of an initiated gas explosion, molten particles of metal powder collide with the surface of the part at great speed, covering it with a strong layer of metal spraying and thereby ensuring complete recovery.

The new method will bring huge savings. So, for example, to restore 80 kg of a KAMAZ crankshaft, only half a kilogram of metal powder is required. In monetary terms, this means that instead of buying a new part at the price of 80, 000 rubles, you can get by with a repair worth 10, 000 rubles.

Scientists are planning to create new types of spraying from cast iron, stainless steel, bronze and other metals.