Useful BEEP system spies on (and overhears) bee hives

Inspection of the hive is a rather laborious process, but necessary, requiring certain skills. However, the biggest problem is that bees, which have been living in nature for millions of years, do not like it when someone invades their lives, even with the best intentions.

A group of Dutch entrepreneurs has started to develop a monitoring system for apiary beehives - VEER. It is installed under the base of the hive and monitors the weight of the structure, the internal temperature and the noise level inside it using sensors.

Every 15 minutes, the device automatically turns on and within two seconds wirelessly transmits the stored data to the smartphone or beekeeper's computer. VEER is equipped with two very economical power supplies that can operate throughout the year.

The application reacts to changes in the parameters of the hive, in particular, to a decrease in weight (possible reasons: the colony flew away or the hive was blown down by the wind), a drop in temperature (possible reason: the brood cycle was interrupted and the queen stopped laying eggs), and a decrease in noise level may indicate that that the swarm was struck down by a disease.

FAN is currently available on Kickstarter for $ 325.