TellSpec scanner will determine the composition and calorie content of any dish

Agree, it is quite difficult to determine the exact composition of a particular product, and sometimes impossible. However, with the unique TellSpec gadget, which is compatible with mobile devices, you can find out the contents of the product in a matter of seconds.

The TellSpec project was launched on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. The device is a compact food scanner compatible with mobile devices. It was developed by the biotech company TellSpec Inc led by Isabelle Hoffman.

With the TellSpec scanner, you can determine the composition of any food or dish. It even identifies harmful trans fats, allergens, food additives, soy, flavor enhancers, flavors and gluten content. The scanner also determines the calorie content of the dish. All this data, after processing in the cloud service, is transferred to a smartphone or tablet, on which a special mobile application must first be installed.

To determine the composition, spectral analysis is used using a special laser built into the scanner.

Interestingly, TellSpec is compact in size. You can hang it on a bunch of keys and carry it with you at all times. The scanner is available in four colors - red, white, blue and cyan.

The project is currently at the fundraising stage. In two months, the developers managed to collect more than $ 309 thousand, which is three times the amount that was initially required to start mass production. You can order a TellSpec scanner for $ 250 on the project page.