FlyKly Smart Wheel turns a regular bike into an electric one

Electric bicycles have been gaining popularity lately. The FlyKly development team from New York is proposing to turn an ordinary bicycle into an electric one, which has presented an interesting project - the FlyKly Smart Wheel .

The FlyKly Smart Wheel can be installed on a regular bike, thus turning it into an electric one. An electric motor and Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS modules are built into the wheel, which allow you to connect a tablet and a smartphone to the wheel. The application installed on a mobile device allows the owner to find out the wheel's battery level, speed and distance that can be driven. Also, the wheel allows you to protect the bike from theft using a remote lock.

The maximum speed of a bike with a FlyKly Smart Wheel is 25 km / h. The battery charge will last for 50 km.

FlyKly's smart wheel project was launched on Kickstarter. In just a week and a half, the developers managed to collect more than 200 thousand dollars, although initially it was required twice less to start mass production. The cost of the Smart Wheel is $ 590, for this amount, in addition to the wheel, the user will receive a bicycle flashlight-charging.