Smart door peephole for lazy people

If you do not like unexpected guests and are of the opinion “my house is my castle”, then you will definitely like the invention of American developers. They introduced a smart doorbell with a built-in peephole.

iDoorCam is a dedicated call gadget with built-in webcam, night view and speakers. It easily attaches to a wall or door with screws.

The gadget connects to a smartphone or tablet via a Wi-Fi wireless interface and allows you to see a person who comes without getting up from the couch. However, for this you also need to install a special application.

A project called iDoorCam was launched on Indiegogo, an online fundraising platform. And he has already collected more than 170 thousand dollars, although initially only 100 thousand were required to launch mass production. You can support the project and order a smart door peephole here. Its cost is 127 - 137 dollars excluding shipping.