Universal key ring with NFC

Nowadays, NFC short-range wireless communication technology is gaining popularity. And if in Russia it is not so widespread and is still in test mode, then in the USA and European countries, payment terminals with NFC can be found at every step. Now you won't surprise anyone with the support of this technology in a top-end smartphone, but what about ordinary rings? Yes, you heard right. The curious project NFC Ring was just launched on Kickstarter.

NFC Ring, as you might guess, is a regular metal ring with two NFC paths, one of which is used to work with public data, and the second - with personal data. With the help of a unique ring, users can open “smart” locks, unlock mobile devices, and also use it as a business card - to transfer the phone number and their contact information, they just need to lightly touch the other's gadget with the ring.

It should be noted that the ring does not require recharging. It is devoid of a battery and operates continuously in a passive mode.

Now the developer of the NFC ring, John McLear, is raising funds to start mass production of his development. You can support the project and order a ring on the open Kickstarter fundraising platform here. To date, the project has raised more than £ 166, 000, although it was originally planned to raise only £ 30, 000.