Violet sensor helps monitor UV and vitamin D levels

As we all know very well, excessive exposure to UV radiation has an extremely negative effect on human health, leads to early aging of the skin and can even trigger the development of skin cancer (melanoma). Likewise, lack of sun does not lead to anything good. In this regard, it is useful for everyone who monitors their health to know the level of ultraviolet radiation. To do this, you can use the tiny Violet sensor, whose launch campaign was launched on the Kickstarter site.

Violet is a sensor made in the form of a small clip that can be easily attached to clothes and always be aware of the level of UV radiation and the amount of vitamin D generated in the sun. I must say that the device determines the above parameters using unique algorithms, after which all this the information is transmitted to the mobile device, which connects wirelessly. True, for full-fledged work, you need to install a special mobile application on your smartphone or tablet, which is currently under development.

As mentioned, the Violet developers are now raising money on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform. To date, the donation amount is more than $ 30, 000, while at least $ 100, 000 is required to start mass production. Whether it will be possible to collect the missing amount for the remaining 16 days or not, time will tell. Anyone can support the project by ordering a Violet sensor for $ 99 on the official project page.