Land Rover has developed a smartphone for extreme sports

On the eve of the Mobile World Congress, more and more new product announcements appear, some of which become real surprises. Bullitt Group CEO Peter Stevens said bluntly that his partners at Land Rover are unhappy with the current fragile and underpowered smartphones. And so they ordered him to create an uber-gadget "Land Rover Explore Outdoor".

The Bullitt Group company produces communication devices for manufacturers of serious equipment, which are usually used far from civilization. For example, the cargo giants Caterpillar. The new rugged smartphone was created for buyers of the Land Rover Discovery SUV, those who like to ride through puddles after a tropical rainstorm, freeze in the Arctic or drive off a sand dune in the Karakum Desert.

There is no data on the technical characteristics of the smartphone and they are unlikely to appear before the official presentation. It is known for sure that the gadget is equipped with the Adventure Pack hinged module. It houses an extra battery, a powerful GPS antenna and a navigation system compatible with ViewRanger Skyline technology.

Visitors to the Mobile World Congress will be able to get acquainted with the smartphone in detail at the end of February. It will be possible to place an order for the Land Rover Explore in April, the recommended price is $ 800.