Miller Lite has developed a gamepad for true beer connoisseurs

The E3 conference hosted many exciting events, including the Street Fighter V tournament, in which comedian Eric Andre fought against his fans. It is also notable for the fact that the Miller Lite brand handed out beer cans to 200 best gamers as the main prize. But not ordinary, but new cans from the "Cantroller" series, which in their essence are gamepads in designer cases.

"Cantroller" is an advertising project from the beer brand Miller Lite. The company's engineers and designers have turned 350-gram aluminum beer cans into game controllers. They have 10 control buttons each, a tactile feedback system, a wireless interface for connecting to a PC or game console. The integrated lithium-ion battery is rated for 3 hours of continuous use.

The most interesting thing, perhaps, is the presence of the most foamy drink inside the container. The electronic filling takes up negligible space, the main content of "Cantroller" is beer, a favorite drink of millions of gamers around the world.