AirEnergy3D - 3D printed wind turbine

3D printers are gradually entering our lives. And no wonder that inventors use their capabilities to create a wide variety of objects, from dishes to materials for building houses. And now, using a 3D printer, they propose to create wind turbines.

A fundraising campaign has been launched to start production of a wind turbine called AirEnergy3D on the Kickstarter online co-financing platform. The device, according to its creators, can generate up to 300 watts of energy. This is enough to charge any mobile device, laptop or plug in a light bulb in the field. The device has a USB interface for charging external devices.

AirEnergy3D is distinguished by its compact size, and thanks to the collapsible body, it can be taken with you on trips, carried in a backpack or bag. In addition, the wind generator can be installed on any surface, be it the roof of a house or a meadow.

To date, the developers have managed to collect about 13 thousand pounds of the 19 thousand needed to start mass production. There are still 27 days to collect the missing amount, until September 16. You can support the project and pre-order for AirEnergy3D on the official page on Kickstarter. The price of the issue is £ 299 for a basic kit consisting of key components and instructions for self-printing some parts using a 3D printer. You will have to pay an extra £ 50 for shipping.