Russia is fully prepared to produce unique armor

At the Novosibirsk enterprise "NEVZ-Keramiks" everything is ready for the serial production of unique samples of armored ceramics intended for the defense of the country. One of its main features is that it is 100% made from domestic components, which until recently was considered impossible.

Having completely solved the problem of import substitution, Novosibirsk engineers provided several classes of combat vehicles with unique armor protection, including the Typhoon armored vehicle based on KAMAZ, Kurganets and Boomerang armored personnel carriers, and the promising Russian Armata tank. The main tests are to take place next year, after which the enterprise is waiting for a multi-year contract with Russian defense enterprises.

The main advantage of armored ceramics is its incredible hardness and special structure. So, when it comes into contact with it, the bullet core is destroyed, and the impact energy is distributed over a large area of ​​the body armor or the body of the combat vehicle. What is very important, the material is lightweight.

NEVZ-Keramiks products will be in demand in such “peaceful” areas as nuclear energy, petrochemistry, radio electronics, chemical engineering, and medicine.