The Micro is the most affordable 3D printer

The popularity of 3D printers is growing, but they have not yet become widespread due to their high cost. An American startup M3D LLC, which presented a cheap 3D printer, proposed to solve this problem. His project was launched on the Kickstarter online platform.

The Micro is, according to its developers, the most affordable 3D printer today. In addition, it is also the least noisy of all 3D printers on the market today.

The device is a compact cube 18.5 cm high and weighing 1 kg. The Micro is energy efficient and connects via USB to any Windows, Linux and Mac OS X computer. The printer can print a variety of small objects, including decorative figurines and even crockery.

It takes $ 50, 000 to start mass production of the printer. This amount was collected in just 11 minutes and to date, Kickstarter users have donated more than $ 2.5 million for the project. You can support the project and order The Micro printer for $ 299 here. The authors expect to start deliveries of the 3D printer at the end of this year.