US government equates cyberattacks by hackers with military invasion

Recently, the intensity of cyber attacks on the information resources of the US government has significantly increased, which gave its officials a reason to consider this a real war. From 2009 to 2013, the number of illegal penetrations increased from 30 to 50 thousand, that is, increased by about 70%.

Most recently, the Associated Press reported that efforts to prevent hacker attacks cost Washington $ 10 billion annually. It is not without reason that senior government officials compare hackers to international terrorists and call on the best programmers in Silicon Valley for help.

On the fields of virtual battles, the US has already suffered serious losses. So, as a result of repeated hacking of the Pentagon servers, Chinese hackers have stolen information concerning more than two dozen of the latest weapons systems, including the F-35 fighter. And their Russian colleagues have invaded the holy of holies - the White House computer network. The injured party is convinced that in both cases the governments of the PRC and Russia are behind such audacious attacks.

However, according to experts, more than half of the cyber incidents were provoked by government officials themselves, who, through their own oversight, “let” malicious spyware into their mobile phones and PCs. To become the "owner" of one of them, it is enough to open a fake phishing message out of curiosity. At the same time, cyber intruders are actively using the names of famous people, for example, Sirena Williams.

US government officials in charge of information security believe that they could be greatly helped by talented young programmers, many of whom have sinned or still do hacking, since they, like no one else, know the vulnerabilities in the "enemy's defenses."