Lernstift - a fountain pen that independently detects grammatical errors

An unusual project has appeared on the online fundraising platform Kickstarter, the creators of which claim that their invention will teach anyone to write correctly. The device, named Lernstift, is a simple fountain pen with an embedded electronic module based on Linux.

The Lernstift pen has a motion sensor, 128 MB of memory, a Wi-Fi module, and a compact motor that will be responsible for transmitting a vibration signal. It is reported that the resolution of the sensor is about 400 dpi, and the frequency of data acquisition is 200 Hz, which will allow you to quickly recognize and correct handwritten text (recognition of one character takes less than 20 ms).

According to the German inventors, their gadget will allow you to observe spelling and develop beautiful handwriting from the user. When you turn on the correction mode, the pen will give the user a vibration signal, informing about an error or inaccuracy in writing. Now the pen "recognizes" English and German, but soon there will be support for Spanish, Italian, Russian, French and other languages.

In addition, thanks to the Wi-Fi module, the "smart" pen can be connected to a smartphone or tablet, on the display of which text in electronic format will be displayed.

You can order a Lernstift fountain pen and support the project on Kickstarter here. The guys have already collected 14 thousand pounds out of 120 thousand needed to start mass production.