Introduced a full-fledged Linux computer smaller than a coin

Modest size, power requirements, and microchip cost are key to popularizing programmable systems. In this regard, VoCore2 Mini is a kind of record holder - a device with a price of $ 43 and the size of a large metal coin, one of the smallest fully functional PCs in history.

The chip is almost universal, it runs under Linux and executes code in C ++, Ruby, JavaScript, Java, and a number of others. This means that the functionality of a crumbs computer is limitless - it all depends on the user's programming skills. For example, it's not a problem to create a VPN gateway or an AirPlay music station based on it.

Turning VoCore2 Mini into a gaming machine is, perhaps, difficult. On the other hand, it is very convenient for creating smart housing components. Having mounted a webcam via the USB interface, we get an autonomous surveillance system with all its inherent functions - recording, reaction to movements, object recognition, tracking, etc. If you add a microphone, you have voice control and compatibility with Echo or Siri systems.

The creators of VoCore2 Mini hint that the potential of their brainchild is limited only by the user's imagination. And in order for the latter to be able to play with high technologies for his own pleasure, the retail price for the microcomputer will not exceed $ 50.