Harry Potter self-propelled chess has become a reality

Fans of Harry Potter probably remember well the fascinating chess duel described in the novel, where the pieces moved by themselves. Something similar can be offered by the authors of the Square Off chessboard, recently presented in Mumbai. Now players will be able to use it to fight chess with artificial intelligence or a live opponent from anywhere in the world, using real pieces.

Square Off is a smart chessboard with a two-axis robotic arm with a magnetic head under the board lid, which moves the pieces.

To enter the game, you just need to install the application on your smartphone and you can start moving the figures. If, for example, you "ate" an opponent's piece, then it will simply be outside the board. This is in contrast to "Harry Potter", where the figures barbarously attacked each other.

Users can practice their skills on computer intelligence before challenging a live opponent to a duel. The program can offer up to 20 difficulty levels.

Square Off operates in real time, allowing you to play with any partner thousands of miles away. The progress of the game is recorded and can be replayed.

The electronic mechanism is housed inside a waterproof rosewood board. The device is powered by a 2200 mAh battery designed for 400 automated movements or 50 games using iOS and Android mobile devices.

In the course of the launched Kickstarter campaign, the startup InfiVention has already raised $ 146, 700, which is several times higher than the required amount. The cost of one kit for buyers is $ 198.