Teslasuit ultra-gloves create the effect of touching virtual objects

Teslasuit has announced the release of a new product - gloves for virtual reality systems, which are simply called "Teslasuit Glove" (Teslasuit Glove). This is a highly functional device designed for the needs of large businesses. The gloves will be officially shown at CES in January.

Gloves use several technologies to simulate touching objects with different textures and shapes. For example, a rigid plastic exoskeleton creates resistance and vibration, and nine electrodes on each finger simulate the complex sensations of contact with different materials. This allows you to capture objects in virtual reality, control the application of the user's efforts, and adds realism to the contact.

The gloves have a number of sensors to monitor the parameters of the operator himself - for example, a pulse oximeter, with which a person's stress level is analyzed. It is an important component of educational and training programs. Gloves can be connected via Wi-Fi to the base suit to synchronize their effects as well as track the user's overall reaction to the environment.

One of the key characteristics of the Teslasuit Glove is their price, which starts at $ 5, 000 per pair. This is not a game accessory and definitely not a household product - on the contrary, the gloves are designed for the needs of the space industry, for training narrow specialists and training personnel for work in specific conditions. For example, to practice evacuation skills from unusual vehicles or interact with new, not yet existing tools.