Equil Smartmarker reads and digitizes information from the chalkboard

In recent years, the very concept of a chalkboard has changed a lot. This is primarily due to the emergence of their electronic counterparts. But, as it turned out, there is another no less original version - Equil Smartmarker or, more simply, “smart” marker.

Thanks to this device, any surface up to 4, 9 x 1.5 m, on which you can write, turns into an electronic board. From it, information is read onto tablets, mobile phones and computers in real time.

Equil Smartmarker consists of two parts - a sensor, which is attached to the surface of the board using magnetic tape, and a cylindrical case where a regular marker is placed. During the writing process, the sensor continuously reads the position of the marker through the ultrasonic positioning system via Bluetooth.

To receive information on smartphones or PCs, you need to download a special application for IOS, Android and Mac OS. In addition, all written information can be saved on the built-in memory of the sensor with a volume of 4 GB for subsequent transfer to other devices, including via the Internet.

Equil Smartmarker works offline. Charging the battery for two hours gives you 8 hours of continuous use. The cost of the device is about $ 700.