Smart pillow will keep you safe from stress and scoliosis

Most wearables and smart fitness devices are aimed primarily at athletes and users with a healthy and active lifestyle. And Dr. Hu Junhao decided to remember about lazy people who find it difficult to get away from the chair, let alone visit the gym.

Hu Junhao has developed a unique smart pillow that syncs with modern mobile devices. Thanks to built-in ultra-thin sensors, it captures even the smallest movements of the user, on the basis of which it makes conclusions about posture, breathing and even heart rate.

In addition, with the help of a pillow and a special application installed on a smartphone, the user will be able to find out about his level of stress and fatigue, as well as receive useful advice and personalized recommendations. For example, if the pillow fixes that you are sitting in the same place for a long time without moving, it will offer you to walk and stretch, and if you slouch, it will command to straighten your back. Such a reminder will not be superfluous for sedentary professionals working in the office.

The smart pillow project is currently under development. Its author plans to launch a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter in June to start production of the gadget. The cost of such a pillow will be $ 149-249.