Japan has developed a protocol in case of contact with a UFO

After the official publication by the Pentagon of videos of UFOs that American pilots have encountered in the past, the Japanese Ministry of Defense has been puzzled by the development of a protocol for responding to such incidents. As Defense Minister Taro Kono himself said, he personally does not believe in UFOs. But, as a military man, I would like to have clear plans of action in case a meeting with them does happen.

Current protocol suggests that a fighter raised to intercept an intruder into the country's airspace must fire several warning shots to force the ship to change course and land. But the military has reasonable doubts that this will work in the case of UFOs.

As a source in the country's Air Force told the Japan Times, there is now an order to immediately stop all exercises and flights in the area of ​​UFO detection. Interceptors must observe such an object from a safe distance, trying to determine if it is a UAV or a vessel with people on board. Further decisions remain with the Air Defense Control Center.

The Japanese military would like to know if their American counterparts have new protocols in the event of a UFO encounter and experience with their use, but the Pentagon refused to cooperate. Therefore, for now, on both sides of the Pacific Ocean, they operate in the old fashioned way - that is, according to the situation, in about the same way as the pilots in the published videos.